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Centre for Chinese Studies

Centre for Chinese Studies

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The Centre for Chinese Studies is a leading interdisciplinary teaching and research unit at the University of Manchester that provides a home for research into diverse aspects of Asia/China: from politics and societal development, to science and technology, economy, history, religions and arts.

We believe that in-depth knowledge of Chinese language and culture is crucial to a real understanding of China. Graduates can achieve competence in Chinese history, international politics and economic developments for strong career prospects in business and academia.


For information about forthcoming and past events, please visit the University of Manchester events page and search on 'China'.

Connecting with Chinese Studies at Manchester

Our China specialists can be found across the Faculty of Humanities at The University of Manchester. Please click on the links below to learn more about studying and researching China at Manchester. You can also email the contact person listed for more information.

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School of Social Science



School of Environment, Education and Development